About Us

          In 2007, a husband and wife team by the name of Dustin and Lori Pullen, embarked upon a journey in true entrepreneurship. Out of their home, they started an on-line company specializing in selling audio and video equipment across the United States as well as internationally. As their business grew, they had a change within their own family – two rambunctious baby boys. With the company growing as well as their family, a change of location was needed in order to fulfill demands. Their new location just couldn’t be “any” location, but it had to be special. A place where a local company could enhance and give back to the community, a place where their children could grow, and they could call it, “home.” Through prayer, support of their family, and with the help of their friends, they found just the right place, Dallas Georgia.

           A husband and wife team who once started from a small home in West Atlanta, selling audio and video equipment, has now grown into a dream come true. Combining Dustin’s love for off-roading and Lori’s business background, it was clear what needed to happen.

           AVW Off-road and Performance was created in 2014 built on family values, passion for the outdoors, and the love of helping others. AVW Off-road & Performance is a locally owned company which strives for excellence and thrives on customer satisfaction. Dustin is not only the owner, but an off-road enthusiast as well. He is committed to providing exceptional value at an affordable price, while using quality products and professional installations. Before you shop anywhere else, call and speak with one of our trusted professionals.

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